ASA Meeting
May 8, 2018

ASA meeting webcasting events:


Note: all press conference times are in Central Time (CT), Minneapolis, MN

 Tuesday, May 8, 2018

12noon – Christine Erbe -- Underwater sound pressure and particle motion from recreational swimmers, divers, surfers, and kayakers. Curtin Unv, Australia

12:30 – Ruth Litovsky -- Restoring binaural and spatial hearing in cochlear implant users. Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison

1:30 – Linda Polka -- When infants encounter infant speech. McGill Univ, Canada

2:00 – Jody Kreiman -- What does it mean for a voice to be “normal?” UCLA

2:30 – Michael Wilson -- Tracking chimpanzee pant-hoot changes across time and space. Univ. of Minnesota

*** Live webcast not available. Recording will be available online soon.




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