2018 Fall ASA Meeting
November 6, 2018

ASA meeting webcasting events:


Note: all press conference times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST), Victoria, British Columbia

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

930am – Scott Viers, “Orcasound app: An open-source solution for streaming live ocean sound to citizen scientists and cloud-based algorithms.”

10am – Laura Kloepper, “Flexibility means adaptability: Bats adapt to jamming scenarios better than dolphins.”

1015 - Eduardo Mercado, “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight: Humpback whale biosonar reigns supreme.”

1030 - Rolf Mueller, “The acoustic world of bat biosonar.”

1230  - Tim Greer, “How beatboxers produce percussion sounds: A real-time magnetic resonance imaging investigation.”

1245 -Francis Juanes, “Sounds from the Amazon: Piranha and prey” 

1pm – Mylan Cook, “Clustering analysis of crowd noise from collegiate basketball games.”

115 - Matt Pine, “Assessing vessel slowdown as an option for reducing acoustic masking for Arctic cod in the western Canadian Arctic.”


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